CoverShots™ Mobile Golf Canopy FAQs

Answers to many of your questions can be found in this section. If you still have a question, please call us or use the contact page to get immediate attention to your question.

What exactly is CoverShots™?

CoverShots™ is the only mobile clear-span canopy structure covering 24’up to 104′ designed specifically for golf course practice ranges, commercial driving ranges, golf schools, and other outdoor facilities that desire or require protection from the elements.

Why was CoverShots™ invented?

CoverShots™ was invented in the mid-1990s after the original designer developed Type II skin cancer on his forearm, which according to dermatologists, is a typical location for skin cancers to appear on golfers. He then enlisted the aid of the Schools of Architecture and Engineering at Mississippi State University, as well as golf business advice from faculty and staff at MSU’s nationally-renown School of Professional Golf Management to help develop his idea. The first CoverShots™ was formally unveiled to the golf world at the 1997 PGA Merchandise Show.

What do you mean by "clear-span"?

The term “clear-span” refers to CoverShots™, clear-span truss design. The clear span design allows for 100% usable space beneath the canopy.

Why does a tee canopy need to be mobile?

The structure needs to be mobile for several reasons. (1) Grass needs sufficient sunlight for growth and CoverShots™ mobility allows more than sufficient sunlight for healthy grass generation. (2) The mobility allows for daily repositioning of the practice tee line, thereby ensuring a fresh tee line from which golfers can practice. (3) The mobility allows repositioning during the day, to keep optimum protection and coverage on the tee line. (4) The drive system can be completely disengaged if desired, allowing the CoverShots™ to be towed nearly anywhere on your facility.

How does a CoverShots™ move?

The motorized Eclipse is automated and is moved by means of two drive motors, one located on each side of the unit. The motor system is designed to move forward and backward, and with some minor wheel adjustment, will move laterally. All movement is controlled via a leg-mounted UL-approved control panel that is mounted on one leg of the unit. The non-motorized Eclipse can be moved manually with the use of a golf cart or tractor and a tow rope. PTC’s are non-motorized and can be moved manually as needed.

How easy is it to move a CoverShots™ canopy, and do they need to be motorized?

CoverShots™ recommends the larger Eclipse units be motorized but motors are not required. Non-motorized Eclipse units are moved simply by disengaging one locking pin on each side of the system, then towing or pushing the unit into its new position, and then reinserting the locking pin. It can be towed longer distances by turning the wheels in the lateral position, removing the locking pins, and towing the system behind a small tractor or similar vehicle, using the optional tow bar. The PTC’s (Professional Teaching Canopies) are easily moveable and motors are not available.

What size CoverShots™ are available?

CoverShots™ Eclipse Models are available in four standard lengths: 41′; 62′; 83′; 104′ (inside measurements), and the standard canopy is 20′ in width. CoverShots™ PTC Models are available in 24′; 30′ (inside measurements), and the standard canopy is 14′ in width.

I have a driving range with multi-tiered hitting areas. Can CoverShots™ descend tiered hitting areas?

Yes. Because of the motor/gear ratio of our powered units, a CoverShots™ is designed to easily negotiate tiered hitting ranges, up to about a 20-degree slope.

Can the CoverShots™ be ordered in colors other than green?

Absolutely. Both the frame and canopy come in a variety of colors. Additionally, graphics logos, or facility names can be custom-added to the canopy if desired.

How wind-resistant is CoverShots™?

CoverShots™ are designed to withstand almost every type of wind condition and wind speed. CoverShots™ recommends the retractable canopy system for all models. The Eclipse model comes standard with a retractable top. The PTC can be ordered with a retractable or a fixed tarp system that is designed to release in high winds allowing the unit to remain stable. Eclipse models, when the canopy is retracted and the unit is anchored, will withstand Hurricane Force winds in excess of 125 MPH.

What does the set-up process involve?

Eclipse units are shipped to the purchaser and are fully-installed by CoverShots™, and will take 2-4 days to assemble. The PTC’s are shipped to the purchaser and fully installed by CoverShots, and will take 1 – 1.5 days to install. PTC’s that are equipped with a Break Away Top can be installed by the purchaser if desired. All other PTC’s with Retractable Top or Rear curtain require CoverShots installation.

Are building permits required for a CoverShots™ system?

Building permits are not required to install a CoverShots™, as the system is classified as a mobile structure. However, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure proper compliance with all local and regional building codes, if applicable.